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Thinking about how Haruka will handle post-race interviews like (Harurin Version thanks to tags by Hinalilly and ignoremesenpai):

  • Interviewer:

    What do you think was the motivating factor for your win in today's race?

  • Haruka:

    I could feel Rin's energy in the adjacent lane. We were connected through the water and it made my body heat up and stimulated me to swim faster...

  • Rin:

    (Waiting for his own interview. Chokes and falls dead into the pool.)


"You gotta listen to my warmup playlist it’ll get you super pumped for your race."
"…this is the Jaws theme."

I put them in their respective country’s Pan Pacific Championship outfits in order to feign ignorance on whether Rin can swim for Australia.

Also, in case you’re wondering, Haru’s iPod is filled with ocean sounds and whale calls.

Dedicated to midgart because she’s stressed and her bby Rin makes everything better.

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